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Valid for the month of May 2017

Prices within this promotion are recommended selling prices excluding GST and will be valid while stocks last. All items have been included in good faith on the basis that they will be available at the time of sale. Photographs are for

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Autosock Range

Simple and easy to fit

Textile wheel covers for cars and


AutoSock is a textile wheel cover with an

elasticated edge. Simply slip them over your cars

driving wheels when you find yourself getting



•Provides unique grip on snow and ice.

•Delivers safety when driving in difficult winter


•Easy to fit and convenient to use.

•Suits every profile of end user.

•Lightweight (less then 1kg) and compact for

easy storage.

•Silent and smooth driving when fitted.

•No damage to rims

•Environmentally sustainable product.

• Machine washable.

•Re-usable, providing value for money for years

to come.

•Fits vehicles that can’t fit snow chains.

•Suitable for vehicles with low clearances

between the tyre and the body.

•Does not disturb electronic safety systems (ESP,


•Produced to the highest quality levels.

• Tested at speeds up to 30mph/50kph - this is

faster than the average snow chain.

•In areas where snow chains are required.

AutoSock is more effective than winter tyres (and

a lot cheaper). AutoSock is also more effective

than snow chains in cerain situations, especially

on ice.

Tested and formally approved by e.g.Audi,

BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Honda, Nissan,

Mercedes- Benz, Mitsubishi,Peugeot, Subaru,

Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Volkswagon, as well

as by several European transport research

institutes and the German TüV.

Most importantly, approved by the



AutoSock can be used almost anywhere there is snow or ice.

•When suprised by sudden snow falls or slippery roads.

•Driving from your home to the main road.

•Driving in unclear residential areas tothe main road.

•In areas where snow chains are required.


Art. No.

Autosock 600

0879000600961 1

Autosock 645

0879000645961 1

Autosock 685

0879000685961 1

Autosock 695

0879000695961 1

Autosock 697

0879000697961 1

Autosock 698

0879000698961 1

Autosock 699

0879000699961 1

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